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Went on a Hike, Took Some Pictures

This book, The Comforts of Home by Caroline Clifton-Mogg, caught my eye — probably because of the pink couch on the cover!

FSF Food Map

Let’s dive into the crazy unique desserts you can get this year as you walk around the concessions areas!

First You Must Have a Mission in Life

I saw a post on Quora the other day that resonated with me, on how you need to have a mission in life to improve your passion and life.

Tangy Mango & Black Bean Salsa on Mini Rice Crackers

Dive into tropical flavors with these vibrant canapés! Crisp rice crackers embrace a creamy hummus base and explode with a sweet and tangy salsa of black beans, diced mango, and red onions. Prepare the salsa in a flash and assemble just before serving for a refreshing, crowd-pleasing bite!

Canapés What? All You Need to Know About These Bite-Sized Party Favorites

Ah, canapés. Those tiny, delectable morsels that grace cocktail parties, buffets, and fancy soirées. But have you ever stopped to wonder about their history, their anatomy, and what makes them stand out from the rest of the hors d’oeuvre crowd? Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of canapés! Here’s what you need to know (WYNTK) about these bite-sized snacks. 

Spicy Chickpea Poke Bowl with Sriracha Kick

While we love a traditional poke with raw salmon over rice, poke bowls can be fun mixes of other bases, proteins, and toppings. In this recipe, we’ll be assembling a poke bowl with chickpeas covered with veggies. A quick sriracha dressing adds a hit of spice.

Saying No Thanks to Christmas Presents

Hiya, Friends!  Your Presence is Present enough.  A friend sent me a message this morning: Hey! I’m getting ya’ll a little something for Christmas. My first thought was, “noooo.” And not in a rude way. My friend kindly thought of me and wanted to share her joy through a present. The thing is, I’m a hoarder. I’m not afraid to say it anymore. I associate things with ideas and people, and I have trouble getting rid of things because it’s like forgetting an idea or saying goodbye to a friend. My house is full of things from the previous two owners — both left things in the house when they sold it — and I’ve always been there to “help” friends who are cleaning out houses and have too much stuff themselves. There’s so much stuff here, and hardly any of it sparks joy.  The hallway leading up to my front door is lined with boxes. A stack to bring to one thrift store that resells nicer stuff, another stack of stuff an artsy giveaway shop could definitely help rehome, and a few boxes of things for the free shop that local homeless people frequent. When I can’t easily walk