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Tinker Latin Cafe Has the Best Empanadas in Gainesville Florida — and lots of other great food too

  • Went to Tinker Latin Cafe to celebrate my nephew being promoted to high school.
  • Tried arepas, Venezuelan pabellon, empanadas, and yuca fries
  • Nice selection of non-meat vegetarian options
  • Will be going back for more empanadas and yuca fries!

My nephew Hunter graduated 8th grade this past week, and we had to celebrate! I wanted him to choose where we’d go, but I also wanted to make sure that we weren’t going to celebrate this milestone at one of the restaurants in town. Been there, done that, gained the weight. 

So I asked guiding questions, like what kind of food would you like to eat and whether he wanted to go somewhere with food he knows or new food to try. Thankfully this little man chose Mexican flavors and a place that was new to him. 

Gainesville has many restaurants, and many new restaurants popping up all the time. (I would rather drive to Palatka or one of the smaller hamlets in the area, but sometimes you have to go to Gainesville.) One new restaurant in town is Tinker, a restaurant that prides itself in its imaginative arepas and drink selection.

I need to write more about our experience — for now, check out the photos.




Hope you enjoyed the photos. Overall the meal was delicious, and I’m already thinking about when we can go back for some more empanadas and arepas. 

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