Florida State Fair’s Featured Funnel Cakes for 2024

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No trip to the fair is complete without a giant plate of a greasy funnel cake sprinkled with powdered sugar. And the vendors at the 2024 Florida State Fair are upping the game. 

Here are four unique and interesting funnel cakes you can get this year at the fair, happening February 2024 in Tampa, Florida.

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Funnel Cakes

Temperamental Hog Funnel Cake

The makers of this Temperamental Hog Funnel Cake knows carnival food: The Best All Around has been featured on a few TV shows for their awesome fair foods. 

This crazy savory funnel cake starts at the batter level. The funnel cake mix is combined with cornmeal and a BBQ seasoning rub and fried to a crisp. Pulled pork goes on top, along with sauce of your temperament: happy, sweet, angry, hot furious, and super hot. They squirt sour cream on top to smooth out the flavor.

Need some food with substance before you eat the cake? This vender has all the usuals, too, like sausage, philly steak, corn dogs, nachos, and chili cheese fries.

Barbie Funnel Cake

Miss Paulete’s Food Service has been serving up carnival foods for over 30 years, and they’re jujing things up with a pink and sprinkle-y funnel cake this year for the 2024 Florida State Fair. 

This funnel cake is covered in powdered sugar, Barbie pink icing, and two kinds of sprinkles. It’s as over-the-top and sweet as Barbie herself. 

Banana Cream Pie Funnel Cake

The banana cream pie funnel cake is only at Ryals Concessions Sweet Shop at this year’s Florida State Fair. It’s a fresh, hot funnel cake topped with creamy banana pudding, whipped cream, and graham cracker crust crumbles.

And we earnestly hope it comes in that bright pink bowl, too.

Lemonade Funnel Cake

First off, how f’ing pretty is this funnel cake from Topscan Funnel Cakes? It’s fried funnel cake topped with a sweet lemon-flavored topping and of course, powdered sugar. The green, yellow, and white sprinkles add that extra touch. 

I have to know — is the lemon-flavored topping lemon curd? 

Garsh, we have ripe lemons right now on the tree that need to be used, and I’m starting to think about making my own curd to put on top of some funnel cake, with zest instead of sprinkles? Hmmm….

The 2024 Florida State Fair people gave us these four funnel cakes to look forward to. I’ll be at the fair next week, and I’ve set aside a whole day to walk around and check out all the different funnel cakes (and other carnie foods) available at the fair. 

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