This Abandoned Sailboat Is My Dream Boat

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There’s an abandoned sailboat hanging out on the Banana River, near Kelly Park at Port Canaveral. And I’m in love.

I’m in love with the dream of sailing away with the wind to far off lands. A tiny living space for my puppies and cats, eating microgreens and fresh-caught fish with rice. Just me and the ocean.

So when I saw this sailboat from A1A after a week-long cruise, I did a u-turn and parked the car on the side of the road to check it out.

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Mast and ALl

The Jolly Mon is a teal and white live-aboard sailboat with matching teal and white sails. 

A1A as a Post-Cruise Destination

Locals stop along A1A between Port Canaveral and Kelly Park to cookout and boat in the Banana River. 

A Beautiful Boat

The hull is covered in growths, hinting at how long it’s been left abandoned here. 


A friend from Canada let me know she was coming down to Florida for a cruise in April of 2024. She and her friend would spend a week on the MSC Seashore, and she wondered if I lived nearby. My home is only a few hours away, and visiting her at the port would be so much easier than going up to Canada to see her, so I said yes! 

My friend messaged me before they left, and we planned for me to pick them up after their cruise. They were already off the ship and waiting by the time I arrived, and they wondered what I could show them that was distinctly Florida. Honestly, I’m not local to Port Canaveral, so I didn’t know much to do other than go to Cocoa for Ron Jon (a mega surf shop that’s been around for decades) and seafood. They said that was a good plan, and then I realized the Jolly Mon was on the way to Cocoa!

When we got to the opening where the Jolly Mon shipwrecked herself, we found that she had been stripped of her mast and sails, along with the metal and other salvagables. She’s still a beautiful boat, but she’ll probably be gone by the next time I’m in Port Canaveral.

One Day…

One day I hope to be able to sail away for a week or a month or a year on my own liveaboard. Until then, it’s just a dream!

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