First You Must Have a Mission in Life

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I saw a post on Quora the other day that resonated with me, on how you need to have a mission in life to improve your passion and life.

How do I?

The original question asked about how to complete tasks.

I can’t stick with things I do, even if I like it a lot. How should I overcome that?

It’s a question I ask myself a lot, because I start projects that never get finished. It’s probably the reason I’m a career ghost writer and freelancer, not the person with the name on the book. The person with their name on the cover was there from the onset to completion, where I was hired to do this and that. And I like doing the this and thats; these projects are short and don’t require must thought. But you don’t succeed and move forward just doing the this and thats.

What’s the Advice?

First you must have a mission in life. Many people cannot stick with things because there seems to be no purpose.

When you have vision and purpose then you’ll stick to it no matter what. Feeling of purpose is a feeling of “I feel I would die if I don’t have purpose in life” or don’t do it. First, take a look at your life and honestly say “Do I want to have the rest of my life to be a repeat of today and yesterday and last week, last year. Do you want to continue living the same year for the next 10 or 20 years. If that is a yes – don’t bother to try anything knew.

The reason for having no passion is often poor nutrition. You need passion for life to stick with anything. Perhaps you are just trying to fill in time. Life is not about just getting by.Life is about personal growth and being useful.

Find where your time would improve someones life. When it’s less about you and more about what you contribute to bettering someone or something in this lifetime. Find how your new interest will benefit both you and others around you.

You also need to be more in touch with your body environment. This will get you out of your head and into your body.

It’s essential you have get out of your head to be able to connect to to any project.

Hope this helps.

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