Life Onboard: Tea and Coffee on Cruise Ships

My dear Afternoon Tea’ers, Cruising is for boozing, right? Well, not necessarily. Just like how passengers can find a range of music and events while at sea, we can also find a whole range of drinks. You might be tempted to buy a non-alcoholic (or alcoholic) drink package, but rest assured that there are complimentary […]

MSC Cruise Line Q&A

MSC Cruises is a rapidly growing cruise line based in Geneva, Switzerland, offering cruises in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Northern Europe, and other destinations. Here are 10 of the most frequently asked questions about MSC Cruises. Is MSC Cruises a good value for the price? MSC tends to have low prices — but is it worth […]

Cruising the Caribbean

Ah, the Caribbean is calling! Book your ticket on one of the many cruise ships that make their way around the Caribbean and prepare to set sail for a kaleidoscope of turquoise waters, sun-kissed beaches, and adventures that’ll leave your soul dancing like salsa under the stars. We’re not trying to oversell a cruise around […]

Virgin Voyages 101

Virgin Voyages is the cruise line created to break all the molds. Gone are the buffets and cheesy games on the Lido deck, and instead Virgin focuses on wellness and modern fun. Read more about this cruise ship that gets a four-star rating from Jenny Claire!