Sketchy Pup

line drawing abstract illustration of dachshund

Joyous in Pink

A piece of art that evokes a strong feeling of joy, in the style of an expressionist painting. Pink is primary color, with yellows.

Bouncing Bunnies

A portrait of a bunny rabbit jumping through tall grass, show a pond with plants, a turtle, blue sky, flowers, in the style of Van Gogh.

Beachy Keen

A beach scene. Focus on a sandcastle. waves crashing in background. strong lines, in the style of a folk art painting.

Range of Mountains

A mountain range covered in snow, with a winding road leading to the top, and a climber reaching the summit, in the style of a post-impressionist painting.

Her Inner Cube

A piece of art that is a reflection of the artist’s inner self, such as a self-portrait or a dreamscape, and a question about the artist’s identity, in the style of a cubist painting.